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Articles related to delivery of Social schemes in India

  *Putting Growth in its place
  *File:Ration Card Narratives.pdf
  *File:SPECIAL ARTICLES Health as Development.pdf
  *File:PPP and health policies.pdf
  *File:PPP in healthcare WB.pdf
  *File:Changing Inequalities.pdf
  *File:Critique of NRHM.pdf
  *File:Health Budgeting.pdf
  *File:Health financing for the poor.pdf
  *File:Impoverishing effects of healthcare in India.pdf
  *File:Inequities in access to health care.pdf
  *File:Sinking flagships and health budgets in India.pdf
  *File:SPECIAL ARTICLES Gender Bias in Utilisation of Health Care Facilities in Rural Haryana.pdf
  *File:Untreated Morbidity demand for healthcare India.pdf

Readings on Community Media

  *File:Community Media, democracy and public sphere.pdf
  *File:Building Solidarities.pdf
  *File:Breaking Free.pdf
  *File:Promise of Citizen media Tacchi.pdf
  *File:Radio Broadcasting Policy India.pdf
  *File:Waiting to be heard Ashish Sen.pdf
  *File:Playing with fire power, participation, and communication for.pdf

Books on Grassroots democracy, social justice, digital media debates and Communication for Development

*Media and Social Justice
*We The Media: Grassroots Journalism By The People, For The People
*Digital Destiny: New Media And The Future Of Democracy
*The Myth Of Digital Democracy
*Conflicting Forms Of Use
*Communicating For Development: Human Change For Survival
*Communication For Development: One World, Multiple Cultures

Readings related to Indian mainstream media

   *National Readership Survey
   *File:Rural Coverage in the Hindi and English Dailies.pdf
   *Interview of Noam Chomsky on Indian Media standards
   *File:Paid News Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.pdf
   *File:Journalism Profit over people.pdf
   *File:Securing Judicial Accountability.pdf

Portrayal of women in Media-Links, Books and Reports

 *Making News : Women In Journalism
 *File:GMMP India.pdf
  Global Media Monitoring Project India Report
 *File:GMMP Global.pdf
  Global Media Monitoring Project Global Report

Articles emphasizing importance of diverse communication initiatives in citizen empowerment

   *Free Mobiles given to pregnant women in Senegal
   *Strengthening local media improves access to Human Rights
   *The unmet need for information in humanitarian responses
   *A Mobile Voice
   *File:Are new media democratic.pdf

Readings on Climate Change

   *File:Why media matters in a warming world.pdf
   *File:Icimod-gender perspectives in mountain development.pdf

Readings on Jharkhand

   *Jharkhand Development Report 2010
   *Addressing the Challenges of Inclusive Development
   *2011 Jharkhand Census findings
   *File:Jharkhand liberation.pdf
   *File:NREGA Grievance.pdf
   *Tidings turn in favour of dailies in Jharkhand 
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