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Spoken queries are natural medium of searching the Web in settings where typing on a keyboard is not practical. This report describes our attempts to implement Hindi Voice Web Search service for Android based phones. Previous attempts at english voice web search apps such as Google Voice App and VLingo have been proven to be very successful. These applications provide different features like the google voice app specializes in web serach while Vlingo performs different functions like contact search, voice dialling and web search. In this report, we discuss various options for developing such a service for hindi launguage.In this report, we discuss various options for developing such a service for hindi launguage. In this report we present the high level initial design with significant details of implementation of the system which can be used to address the problem.

Demo Instruction Set

In this chapter, we will guide you through setting up this system step by step.

Project Software and hardware Requirements

Installation steps for Shrutlekhan

Demo Instruction Set for building application

Code Documentation

Android Application

Server End

of the application using Android ID which is unique for every android phone. Then, It receives the audio file in byte code format and write the data in a WAV file. Then, it acquires the lock for synchronization. It clears the Shrutlekhan screen. Then it plays the WAV file which was received. Then after the file is played, It captures the text from the Shrutlekhan window and copies to the clipboard. Then it runs to get the content from clipboard. It changes the content to unicode. It then looks up the text in the feedback file, If it finds a mapping for that user, it returns the mapped text, otherwise it returns the original text.

which is cuts the text from the text area and copies it to the clipboard.

main servlet.

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