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The common usage of the Internet has shifted to content sharing and interacting around contents where users engage in posting content,giving comments downloading or viewing content posted by other users. The similar trends of content generation and distribution is being noticed in rural areas also like DigitalGreen.But the rural areas suffer from lack of reliable and high bandwidth Internet connectivity. A viable solution to the bandwidth problem in rural areas lies in using the delay tolerant routing using the USB keys/ CDs or GPRS at night. The communication between the user node and the rest of Internet can be divided into two different channels : Control and data. The architecture is as shown below Newarchiruralcdn.jpg


The CDN model test bed has been set up in the IT laboratory of Amarnath and Shashi Khosla School. The architecture of the test bed is depicted in figure.


Project Report


Project Code






There are two version of code available, version CBN_2 is the common code for the User,Custodian and Dataserver,and the version CBN_1 have the separate code for the User,Custodian and Dataserver.

Guideline For Using Version CBN_2 file containing two sub folder one is the main source code and the other is config folder for source code,all the config folders entry in the configuration files of the source code. You have to copy the folder "data" in to your C/D/E drive of your computer and changed the drive letter in the configuration file of user,custodian and dataserver separately. As you see the architecture of CDN,you need to run this setup three real machine or three virtual machine separately for user,custodian and dataserver,zip file containing a single src file,so you have to create a java project in eclipse on different machine and add this code as a source code to the java project.

Guideline For Using Version CBN_1

Zip file containing the three zip file for user,custodian and dataserver respectively,in this version separate files to be used for user,custodian and dataserver,so please copy each file in separate machine and after that create a java project and add the source code to the java project.

How to run user,custodian and dataserver


Run 5 times the java project for dataserver and provide the input in the sequence,

on first run choose  : User Register

on second run choose : Root Server

on third run choose  : Service Instance

on fourth run choose : DataServer

on fifth run Choose  : LookupServer


Run 2 times the java project for Custodian and provide the input in the sequence,

on first run choose  : Custodian

on second run choose : DBServer


Run the java project for user and provide the input in the sequence,

on first run choose : User

Set mysql database

Create database ruralcdn in mysql and either set the root password "abc123" or replace "abc123" with your password in configuration files now download the file,it containing the mysqldump file "rc.sql",usimg this .sql file you can create tables in the ruralcdn database using the following command on console,before entering the command, copy .sql file in your c drive

C:\mysql -u root -p ruralcdn < rc.sql

Set Pub-Sub interface

Download the pubsub zip file and extract it to any location in your system,after create a dynamic project in eclipse IDE with the name whatever you want.Now copy the webcontent,src folder from the extracted zip file and copy to the your dynamic project can find your dynamic project directory in the workspace folder in the user directory.

After all these things just run dynamic project with the server in eclipse.


Arvind Mahela

Deepak Martin

Quamar Niyaz

Amit Dubey

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