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With the internet becoming a part of our daily life, a lot of online complaint management systems have come up. This report describes our attempts to implement and deploy voice based complaint management system for people who are not well educated or do not have access to the internet. In the past, CGNetswara has come up with an attempt to come up with a news-based voice forum which was quite successful. In this report, we discuss how such a service can be used for making a complaint management system. We discuss the deployment results of the system along with the use of a complaint registration website in order to push the system. We also discuss the high level initial design with significant details of implementation of voice based search in such kind of system along with testing results.


 ./Install.sh config.file


The Website has the basic structure of joomla with some customizations involved. Following are the list of modules installed:

Following are the custom pages created and their locations in the code:

Following are the files created to manage the integration with the IVRS which has been deployed

Speech Recognition Testing

These are the scripts used for various purposes:

These are the Database used for managing records

Execute the following steps to do testing

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